mellerio know-how

mellerio know-how

Mellerio : an ancestral know-how

Their dual French and Italian heritage has nourished the spirit and style of Mellerio since the very beginning. Its designs find a balance between the classic and the daring, wisdom and creativity, simplicity and ostentation.

This inspired approach to jewellery has been evident throughout its history. Every successive designer at Mellerio has created some remarkable pieces of elegance and sophistication. Their apparent simplicity reveals the talent these artists have for overcoming technical constraints and producing a piece of jewellery with well-balanced and harmonious lines.

Our know-how

Since 1613, every generation of Mellerio has highlighted a creative skill, wether in design or manufacturing, allowing the House to always be fashionable and celebrated for the extreme quality of its creations, precious objects as well as jewels, from fine to high jewelry juxtaposed with technical prowess or stylistic audacity, and finally sketching itself out in the gourmand curves of the Maison's timepieces.

Over the years, the Mellerios have developed their expertise and polished their style, turning heads whether crowned or not. Today, the workshop is still located above the historical boutique at 9 rue de la Paix in Paris.

Two pieces of jewellery in particular illustrate Mellerio's rich history, virtuosity and expertise. First of all, the Mellerios distinguished themselves in the art of reproducing reality, even the most ephemeral, as faithfully as possible, for example by representing nature with La branche de Lilas. This piece of jewellery went on to become a benchmark in the history of jewellery for its elegance and the perfection of its realism.

Mellerio's emblematic ovoid shape also lends its mystery to the legendary peacock brooch designed for Empress Eugénie in 1868, which blossomed in the Art Nouveau creations of the Belle Epoque. Its immediate success led to a number of major commissions, including one from the Duchess of Medina-Coeli and one from Empress Eugénie, and this jewel was included among the Wonders of the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1867, as well as being a major piece of French jewellery.

The creativity: the Mellerio shape

For 14 generations, the House of Mellerio has willingly inserted a reminder of its origins into its contemporary creations by means of a subtle geometric formula, totally discreet yet recognizable among a thousand initiates: this wink - devoid of any ostentation but equivalent to a signature - is illustrated by an oval inscribed in an ellipse. The uniqueness of the Mellerio Cut shape has its roots in the foundation of the family house and historically, the Beau Sancy diamond worn by Marie de Medici. The Mellerio cut is an original and patented gemstone cut, developed entirely by the Parisian jewelry house Mellerio. Illustrating a unique know-how and rare mastery, it is characterized by the arrangement of 57 facets - 24 on the crown, 33 on the pavilion - which illuminate the stone to give it incomparable brilliance and sparkle. This exceptional cut - judged excellent by gemmological laboratories which give it an exceptional grade highlights the final silhouette of the stone: an original and evocative ovoid silhouette which is repeated on our jewelry collections such as Mellerio Cut or Aurore, our fine jewelry collections such as Rivera, or our watches.

the creativity : color

The Italian origins of the Maison are also found in the chromaticism of its creations. Playing with contrasts and shades, the jewelry creates a playful and poetic palette evoking Mediterranean joy. The brightness of yellow gold, the softness of pink gold and the strength of green gold reinforce the game of colors. The colorful jewelry pieces combining historical heritage and contemporary vitality become a source of pleasure and even more an invitation to dream.

The Color Queen collection embodies the creative spirit of the House.The story of Color Queen refers back to 1515: when François Ist was crowned King of France, he brought in many Italian artists to create in France a new artistic movement, the Italian Renaissance. From then on, painters, architects, but also jewelers arrived in France such as the Mellerios. In order to pay homage to this extraodinary and creative time, Laure-Isabelle Mellerio has designed a collection of joyful and colorful rings called: «Color Queen».

Our exceptional archives

The archives of Mellerio are unique in the world. The family has kept all the documents related to their activity since the 16th century : the royal priviledges granted by Marie de Medici and all her successors, the ledgers and thousands of jewellery designs. Gathering many different influences and featuring the whole story of French jewellery, they are a constant source of inspiration for contemporary creations.