Color Queen Cross
Color Queen Cross
Color Queen Cross
Color Queen Cross


Color Queen Cross High Jewelry necklace in yellow gold 18k with mixed gemstones

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1 Spessartite (2.39ct), 52 Pink Sapphires (total: 3.11ct);
1 Mint Garnet (2.31ct), 54 Sapphires (total: 3.21ct);
1 Indigolite (1.7ct), 51 Mint Garnets (total: 2.57ct);
1 Aquamarine (1.5ct), 52 Purple Sapphires(total: 3.11ct);
1 Rubellite (1.61ct), 54 Spessartites (total: 3.32ct);
1 Yellow Sapphire (2.91ct), 54 Sapphires (total: 3.21ct);
Bow : 6 Mint Garnets (total: 0.59ct);
18K Yellow Gold.


N° H2YG102

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Color Queen for women and men

The story of Color Queen refers back to 1515: when François Ist was crowned King of France, he brought in many Italian artists to create in France a new artistic movement, the Italian Renaissance.

From then on, painters, architects, but also jewelers arrived in France. This was particularly the case with the Mellerios, who brought all their know-how, style and creativity to France.

In order to pay tribute to this extraodinary and creative time, Laure-Isabelle Mellerio has designed a collection of joyful and colorful rings called: "Color Queen"

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