Le petit Cactus Vanille Necklace 3 patterns Pink gold Fine jewelry necklace in pink gold 18k

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18k Pink gold patterns
Round cable chain 1mm
Length 36cm/38cm with return ring
18k Pink gold
Motif size: 0.6x0.6 cm (each)

Delivered in its box with a certificate of authenticity

N° FJ2PG204


Le petit Cactus Vanille necklace with 3 motifs in 18k pink gold on a 1mm forçat chain, size adjustable to 36 or 38cm with return ring.
Motif size: 0.6x0.6 cm (each)
Delivered in its box with a certificate of authenticity.

A flower dear to the heart of Marie Antoinette, Mellerioʼs first Royal client, the vanilla cactus came originally from Mexico and the West Indies and only flowers for one night every year, at the beginning of spring. This exceptional night blossom was immortalised by the botanical painter Pierre-Joseph Redouté, upon the request of the Queen. This story was the inspiration behind the line dedicated to the 18TH century, designed by Laure-Isabelle Mellerio. The central motif is built around the pistil, revealing a blossom in pink or green gold like a delicate flower in movement adorning long and short necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

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18th century for women

Le Petit Cactus Vanille, the favorite flower of Marie-Antoinette - Mellerio's first Royal customer - is the inspiration behind our new line dedicated to the 18th century. This flower has the particularity of blooming only one night a year, in early spring.

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