Talisman Medal Soleil High Jewelry necklace in yellow gold 18k with diamonds, sapphires and colored sapphires

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6cm diameter medal in 18k yellow gold (approx. 80g),
finely engraved, chased and hammered,
set with: 13 Yellow sapphires of different shapes: oval, round, cabauchon, pear cabauchon (total: 4.16ct),
14 sapphires of MC shape and round (total: 2.52ct),
11 Pink sapphires of MC shape and round (total: 1.52ct)
13 Oval and round emeralds (total: 1.68ct),
14 Round rubies (total: 0.75ct),
35 Diamonds (total: 1.3ct),
On a 92 cm hand-crafted chain with rectangular link and cloverleaf section (approx. 56 grams).
18K Yellow Gold.

N° H2YG110


6cm diameter Soleil medal in 18k yellow gold set with yellow sapphires, pink sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds.

This Médaille Soleil is worn at the end of a long chain with rectangular links hand-chiseled by the Maison’s finest craftsmen. The extreme brilliance of a Mediterranean sun inspired this yellow gold medal, itself hammered, chiselled and engraved then set with a magical, cosmic shower of precious stones. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and colorful sapphires, drowned in gold, transcribe the luminous, shimmering prism of a sun in the heart of summer, while the fine chasing evokes its radiant rays.
Magical as it is protective, this great palette of gold and joyous colors will bring energy and sunlight to whoever adorns themselves with it, in an elegant, no-holds-barred attitude that once again reflects the unique signature of Maison Mellerio.

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Talismans for women and men

The first collection of talisman medals is intended by Laure-Isabelle Mellerio as a continuation of the creative translation initiated by the artistic director two years ago with the launch of the "Les Muses" collections, inspired by the House's historical jewelry drawings.

Here the designer gives new life to the first 8 "talisman" medals, whose chosen signs, to which she attributes protective and magical virtues, are drawn from Nature in all its animal and plant forms.

Not wanting to reveal anything that each woman will find behind each symbol, they evoke without limit and differently for every woman who wears them the power, the energy but also the poetic beauty of the forms and details of a phantasmagorical fauna strewn with turtles, frogs, beetles and dragonflies and even the spider that stretches its web beaded in the dew deposited on a rose, a lucky clover or the ears of a wheat standing proudly in the garden of our dreams of a simple and natural nature...

To complete this collection, Laure-Isabelle Mellerio has even imagined a cosmic medal, a throw of precious stones evoking a starry sky made of diamonds, rubies and colorful sapphires. 

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